At The Vine School, every child participates fully in physical activities to develop healthy bodies, to have fun and to enjoy team-work, sportsmanship and achieving personal goals.

In keeping with our understanding that children thrive in a non-competitive environment, we minimise competitive sports. We place more emphasis on exercise, games and skills training. As children grow in confidence and emotional maturity, competitive games can be undertaken with less risk of discouraging those who are still developing their skills. This promotes greater participation, more enjoyment and ultimately more likelihood of being physically active for life.

Our policy is confirmed by Prof Tim Noakes, sport scientist and consultant to many sporting bodies in South Africa. He believes that competition in any sport should be “introduced much much later, probably at 15 to 16 years at the very earliest." This view is supported by the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc), both of whom recommend a Canadian programme for primary schools with a focus on "skills development before competition”.

In summary, the purpose of physical training at The Vine School is to:

  • enjoy physical activity, including exercise, informal games and organised sport
  • establish habits of physical activity for a life-long pattern of good health
  • develop gross- and fine motor abilities, muscle strength, fitness, co-ordination and poise
  • experience success as doing your personal best, not beating someone else
  • understand and appreciate integrity in sport
  • practice good sportsmanship, both individually and in teamwork
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