The school goes back to 1988 when John Wycliffe Christian School was established by a group of parents. They wanted a school where Jesus Christ was acknowledged in every aspect of life, including education.

Our Growth

From small beginnings as a single Grade 1 class, John Wycliffe grew to include Grade R and Matric. The early Matric classes proved the effectiveness of Christian schooling as students produced outstanding results. However, the small premises limited growth and restricted the development of the High School. In 2010 the Governing Body closed the High School and focused instead on strengthening the Primary School.

Our Transformation

In 2012, the School began a process of dynamic change. From being an Association of Parents it became a Non Profit Company with a Board of Directors. Instead of following the state curriculum, it adopted an international curriculum adapted for South Africa. The Admissions Policy broadened to accept children from all faith backgrounds. These changes marked a new beginning and new direction for the school and it seemed appropriate to choose a new name.

Our Name

The name "The Vine School" was chosen to acknowledge the centrality of Jesus Christ, the true Vine, and to emphasise growth and vitality in education. It also marked the "pruning" which the school underwent from 2010 to 2012. However, the heritage of John Wycliffe remains. The great reformer was a man of courage, integrity and wisdom who lived and taught the plain truth of the Bible. He was influential in theology, politics and civil life in his generation and for centuries afterward. Likewise, we trust that, by God's grace, the children at The Vine School will become agents of positive change in the world.