Our Mission

The Vine School provides outstanding education, inspiring children to think, discover and grow, using the Ambleside teaching method in a Christian environment.

The purpose of this education is to make disciples for Jesus Christ who are able to live and act in a way worthy of the calling to which they have been called. 

Our Vision

Our focus is growth, both for our children and for our school. In 2013 we added a second preschool class, and we intend adding a class each year until there are two classes in every grade. Plans include the development of a separate Preschool and Junior High facility. We will not become a large school but prefer to plant several small schools. This is the best way to preserve our sense of family and avoid the alienating effects of a large institution.

The Vine School inspired the founding of a school with a similar ethos in Pinelands (2014) and another Ambleside School in Gordons Bay (2015). Together with our sister school in Hout Bay, we are committed to renewal in education, through the growth of life-transforming education. We are founder members of Ambleside Schools International of Southern African (ASISA) which provides training, advice and curriculum-resources to schools affiliated with ASISA. Ultimately we intend establishing a Charlotte Mason-inspired teacher training centre.

The ethos of the school is Bible based and Christ-centred.  We seek to ground our faith and actions on truth found in God's Word, the Bible.  We expect our teachers to be role models whose lives testify to a relationship with the Living Word - Jesus Christ.

The school goes back to 1988 when John Wycliffe Christian School was established by a group of parents. They wanted a school where Jesus Christ was acknowledged in every aspect of life, including education.

Discipline is not primarily about punishment but about "discipling". It means setting an example, by word and deed, for people to follow. We have a Code of Conduct that all staff members must adhere to and we have a Code of Conduct appropriate for the children. Both are based on biblical principles for godly living.