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Final Assessments 2022

In the Charlotte Mason method, the goal of assessment is to find out what the child knows while respecting him as a person.
Our goal is not to interrogate the child in order to find out what he doesn’t know. It is also not our goal to spur the children
into a competition to see who has the best score among them.

Our goal in assessing a child is to find out what he, as a person, has assimilated and made his own; what is now a part of himself and his life — what he knows.

So if we want to find out what the child knows, rather than what he doesn’t know, we need to word our questions carefully.

Click HERE to be a "fly on the wall" during one of our Grade 7 assessments. 

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To find out more about why we do our exams the way we do, click on this link

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