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Sharing the love

Living to love, loving to learn

As a result of generous hearts from The Vine School staff, parents, and students, they had the wonderful opportunity to bless SAPS Lansdowne and Batavia School of Skills with "Love boxes". As a school, they wanted to reach out and thank them for their service and for the role they play in our community. Their hope is that the "Love boxes" will bless and encourage them and make them feel appreciated.

A Vine School parent and teacher at Batavia, Candice Brown, said that her son was very excited to take to school his contribution to the love boxes. She said that no one had blessed their staff like this before, it made us feel appreciated.  She is proud to have her son at a school that instills the importance and value of giving in its pupils.

The principal of Batavia, Selna Thiaart, said that she was very impressed that primary school children are taught to give to and bless others. She said that she was going to apply our idea at her school to 'pay it forward'.

Counsellor with Rachel editedThe Vine School Grade 6 student with Batavia School counselor Charmaine MacQuene

Principal with Gr 6 students editedPrincipal of Batavia  Selna Thiaart with The Vine School Grade 6 students and teacher Nadia Greeff.

Police with Gr 6 editedThe Vine School Grade 6 students with Grade 2 teacher Nadia Greeff and police officers (on the right) Sergeant Mnyaka and colleague (on the left).

"Love not in the word, neither in tongue," says the Apostle, "but in deed and truth"; that is, perhaps, "Do not rest content with the mere expression of love, whether in word or caress, but show your love in service and in confidence".
(from Charlotte Mason, Ourselves (Vol 4), Chapter 1: The Ways Of Love)

Take a look at the article in the Southern Suburbs Tatler this week who covered this story of "Sharing the love"


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