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Role of parents

Ideally, education should be a collaborative effort between teacher and parent

Paul Schoenfeld

Our boys have been at TVS for 5 years or so.  We are thrilled that they love school and love being there.  The school is committed to a thoroughly Biblical Christian education, which shapes not just in the assembly each morning but the entire philosophy, approach and content of the education process.  We love the emphasis on developing character, a love for learning and the natural talents God has given each child. And we love the love and concern the staff has for the children – they really do care for each and every child.

Leighton Ronné

As parents, most of us are grateful for the hard work that The Vine School teachers put into teaching our children in the classroom. But I was reminded again, as I played another game of handball after school, about the great work the sports coaches do outside of the classroom. Most evenings my girls ask me to play handball or challenge me to a workout in the garden. Usually accompanied by, ‘No, Dad, this is what Mr. George said you must do!’

My daughters have greatly improved in their fitness level and confidence in ball skills, and their love for outdoor games has also grown. I would like to thank Mr. George and Mr. Quickfall for the patience and passion they put into teaching Physical Education. Our children thrive in this encouraging, fun and non-threatening environment and I have no doubt they will have a life-long enjoyment of being healthy and active. 

Donna Oakes

The Vine School has been one of the best school choices we have made for our 3 kids. We decided to change because our second born was not only struggling with academics but more so with self-esteem. She was shy, always in the background and struggled to make friends. I remember her saying on her first day at The Vine, "Mom, what if they don't like me?"  I told her that Jesus made a way for her to start her school experience again, new friends, new teachers, new everything.

Two years later and what a contrast!  She is outspoken, confident and makes friends wherever she goes. The Vine is not "just" a school. The teachers are like second parents.  They ensure our kids excel academically but also give them tools for life, embodying one of Charlotte Mason’s principles, "moral principles will lead the child to make right decisions"

We are so grateful to the staff and school for the active role and impact they have made on us as a family.


Charné Gill

Having our child at The Vine School has been an amazing journey. I have seen our child's LOVE for books and reading grow and her desire and motivation to learn has also improved. I think the thing I love most about this school is that they create an environment which inspires and stimulates the mind. It is never about forcing learning, but rather creating the appetite for it. My child's attitude towards life and learning has changed for the better.  She now believes with hard work and faith anything is possible. 

When asked our daughter what she loves about her school, she said, “I love my school, my teachers and my friends. My favourite thing to do at school is playing Froebels, because I can build ANYTHING with it.”

Kirsty and Leighton Ronné

We chose the Vine school because of the intentional approach to education. What we have seen over the past 6 years at the school,is that this unique method has instilled a real love for learning in each of our children, and as they have matured, this has translated into a self motivated attitude towards their work. I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that all subjects are taught by encouraging deep engagement with the subject matter and is therefore interesting and inspiring for our children.

We love that the focus is not just on academics, although the quality of academic learning is excellent. Learning is focused on developing the whole child, including character and understanding who they are in Christ.

Ryan and Ann Matthews

As parents: " Ryan and I were so warmly welcomed into the school body and the life of the school. Our boys regularly nagged us to take them to school early, and hated being sick and absent from school. Their learning was nurtured and their own love for learning, inquisitive thinking and questioning was encouraged from their Grade R year. Thank you for the solid foundation to their school journey!"