Garden Delight

Four years ago the Grade R classes started a garden from scratch in the area behind our classrooms.  The grass was cleared and then we removed rubble as we tilled the soil. We brought in heaps of compost, laid pathways, and the planting began. It started with a small lemon tree in the middle.  What fun we had and what pride they took in “their garden.”

G R Nat Study 1

The present Grade R’s are reaping many benefits from their sowing.  This garden is an opportunity to observe, touch, smell and taste the wonders of nature, in the form of fruit, flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Some of our Nature Study projects this year have included, tasting and painting chives and basil, tasting and painting granadillas from our vine, planting and reaping, painting and tasting sweet potatoes.

G R Nat Study 3

More recently we have participated in some integrated learning. We are busy reading Blueberries for Sal for Literature, so for Nature Study we observed, drew and painted some blueberries. What a delightful experience!  We also read a book called Cloud dance, so for a couple of break-times, we lay on our backs and observed the different clouds.

G R Nat Study 2

There has been much growth in the children’s awareness of God’s beautiful creation as the year has progressed.

May it grow from strength to strength as they are encouraged to be……….. outside.