Grade 3 Clay work and Grade 4 Cross Stitch

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Gr 43 Cr Stitch Clay 2022 BLOG

Our philosophy as we teach handwork:  Emphasis is placed on the skill to be learned rather than the project to be produced. We discuss the value of perseverance and industry, precision and neatness, patience and practice, creativity and good taste. The teaching begins with slow, careful demonstration of the skill to be learned, with attention to training the hand and the eye for precise work. Practice, to the point of excellence, comes before the project.  Slipshod work is not to be permitted; there is no hesitation in “taking out” some stitches or having the student begin again. The message is clear: “You are able to do neat, precise work.” Thus, the projects should be carefully chosen so as not to frustrate the student. Start out simple and well within the child’s “compass;” then move to the more complex as the skills are secured.

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