Application Process

The Journey Begins


Our Application Process Overview


Fact Finding Phase

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  1. Electronic Facts and Figures - see the facts sheets and price and pricelists below.
  1. If you would like to book a School Tour Click HERE to complete an enquiry form and you will receive an email with more information about The Vine School as well as how to book at tour.
  2. Convinced that we have an educational offering that interests you? Proceed to the Application phase.

Application Phase

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  1. Click HERE to complete the pupil enrolment application form.
  2. It is important that you either add all additional documentation when you complete the application form or email them directly to to ensure that your application is not delayed. Documents to attach are detailed at the bottom of the first page of the online application form.

Evaluation Phase

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  1. Our Business Office will complete a Financial check on both parents
  2. If there are any concerns after this check we will contact you and ask for more information.
  3. We will contact the child's existing school to request a reference from them.
  4. The child will be invited to a placement assessment and 3-day class visit.
  5. Parents will be invited to an interview with the Principal.
  6. The Principal's PA will then communicate with you regarding acceptance/non-acceptance.

* Note: Successful applicants are solely at the Principal's discretion.


Admission Phase

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Should the application be successful

  1. The parents will be sent an offer of admission and a quote on fees to be paid.
  2. Parents will be invited to a contract signing meeting upon acceptance of the offer of admission.
  3. You pay the enrollment fee if your child has been offered a place at the school and you accept that place and sign the contract.
  4. Signing of the Contract and paying the deposit secures your children's place at The Vine School.
  5. Compulsory attendance at the New Parents' Orientation Morning.

Your school liaison for the application process is Janice Thorne-Smith and you can contact her by emailing or phoning 021 696 3220 or WhatsApp 071 028 3231

Enquire / Book a School Tour

We are so glad that you are considering admission to Ambleside | The Vine School for your child. After you have explored our website, we warmly welcome you to visit the school to experience our unique blend of rigorous and relational education, meaningful work for students, and partnership with parents who want to see their children grow.

During the Tour:

You will learn about Ambleside’s approach, tour the school, observe in preschool and primary school classrooms, peruse student work, and have the opportunity to talk through any questions.

Please note that we ask children to remain at home for these initial visits. Applicant pupils are welcomed to the school at a later date for an assessment and 3-day visit.

Click HERE to complete an enquiry form and you will receive an email with more information about The Vine School as well as how to book at tour.

If you have any queries regarding this process feel free to get hold of us.

Are you interested in digging deeper and exploring more about our approach?

Uncovering the ideas that shape our school

There are many ways to learn more about The Vine School.  You may want to start by reading the information and following the links below.  However, the best way is to schedule a visit to the school where you can see for yourself.  Come touch, feel and experience the atmosphere and other essentials that make our school what it is. 

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