Our school uniform has been designed to be smart, comfortable and hard-wearing. There is a distinct summer and winter uniform, and pupils wear the one or the other, depending on the season, with some discretion allowed in spring and autumn. All uniform items (except for skirts, shoes and tights) are available from the school uniform shop. There is a small range of second hand clothing for sale - proceeds of these sales go towards the Benevolent Fund.

Please ensure that your children have sports kit for their Physical Education lessons twice a week.

Pre-schoolers may wear Phys Ed kit every day (Crew neck tee-shirts, PT shorts/tracksuit pants, plain white takkies). In winter, pre-schoolers wear a plain white long-sleeved top, instead of shirt and tie.

Summer - Mid October to end March

  • Navy Bermuda shorts (girls may wear a navy skirt instead of shorts)
  • Khaki golf shirt with school badge
  • Navy jersey with school badge
  • Short fawn-coloured socks
  • Brown school shoes
  • NB Tracksuit bottoms and khaki fleece top are for winter only

Winter - Mid April to end September

  • Navy tracksuit bottom (girls may wear a navy skirt)
  • White long-sleeved school shirt
  • Navy school tie
  • Navy jersey with school badge
  • Khaki polar-fleece top with school logo
  • Navy beanie, neck-warmer and fingerless mittens (optional)
  • Short fawn-coloured socks (girls may wear navy tights with their skirts)
  • Brown school shoes
  • For extra warmth, students may wear a plain white long sleeved t-shirt under their shirts
  • NB Rain jackets should be plain navy in colour, and removed and hung up outside the classroom on arrival

Sports kit

  • Khaki crew-neck teeshirt with school badge
  • Navy PT shorts
  • Navy sun hat with school badge
  • Short fawn-coloured socks
  • Takkies (plain white with minimal branding)


  • Hair bands and accessories should be plain navy
  • Navy skirts should be purchased at Edgars or School and Leisure Uniform suppliers in Rondebosch
  • Socks may be bought from the school shop or School and Leisure Uniform suppliers in Rondebosch
  • Rain jackets and wellington boots may be worn while travelling to school but should be removed on arrival.
  • Hair accessories (hair bands, bobbles and clips) and winter accessories (beanie, neck-warmer and mittens) are available from the school uniform store.
  • Girls may wear small, plain gold or silver earrings or studs.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.


  • Attitudes towards hair styles are often arbitrary and culture bound which results in differing opinions on what is acceptable. The school seeks to cultivate modesty, ie. presenting oneself attractively, appropriately and without calling attention to oneself or making a fashion statement. To be modest is an attitude of the heart, not just outward appearance. Therefore we refrain from precise rules about hair length etc, but teachers will contact parents to request their co-operation if their child's hairstyle is a source of distraction or is not helpful in maintaining a "self-forgetful" attitude.
  • Generally, styles should be neat, conservative and easy to maintain
  • Hair should be its natural colour
  • Boys' hair is best cut short, without fades or razor-cut patterns
  • Girls may wear braids but discretion is advised. Natural hair, braided close to the scalp, is preferred. If hair extensions are used they should be the same colour as the girl's natural hair.
  • If in doubt, first check with your child’s teacher before paying for a costly hairstyle which may have to be changed
  • Hair bands and accessories are to be kept to a minimum and be plain navy in colour
  • If beads are added to braids, they should be navy in colour