The Vine School's fees compare favourably with fees at the most sought-after public schools. The value of the school's educational programme is priced at an exceptionally competitive rate compared with most independent schools.

School fees are normally discussed at your first meeting with our admissions officer.

See below for other fees, (application fee, aftercare, activities etc.) and information about financial assistance.

Application Fee

R200.00 admin fee (all applicants) plus R300.00 assessment fee (Kindergarten - Grade 7), payable on application.

There is a discount of R50.00 on the admin fee for each sibling application.

The admin fee is non-refundable and payment does not guarantee acceptance.

The assessment fee portion will be refunded if no assessment is administered.

There is no assessment fee applicable to Pre-Kindergarten applications.

Enrolment Fee - once off

An amount equivalent to three months' fees is payable upon acceptance. On commencement, this amount is allocated as follows: 50% goes towards a Fee Deposit of 1.5 months' school fees. This amount is invested and interest is donated to the Educational Fund. The deposit is topped up annually and the whole amount is retained until your child leaves the school. It is refunded after final accounts have been settled. The remaining amount is allocated to the first month's school fees and any other fees that are invoiced upon starting school (e.g. activities fee, stationery fee or aftercare).

Activities Fee

The annual Activities Fee covers all excursions, school events, work books, art & handwork materials as well as outreach and sports activities. This fee is levied at the beginning of the year and is based on estimated costs of each activity. Development Fund

A contribution to the development fund is levied only once, in the 2nd year of attendance. Funds are allocated to the improvement of the school’s infrastructure.

Aftercare Fees

Aftercare fees are charged termly.   The aftercare service is available from 13h00 to 17h30. The fee varies depending on the hours that children stay after school.  There is also a casual rate for occasional users of the service.

Financial Assistance

As a non-profit ministry, the school seeks to keep fees at affordable rates. Discounts are available for siblings and for early payment of fees. Limited financial aid may be available to families who cannot afford the full fees.  Assistance is dependent upon funds in the school's Educational Fund.

Every family requesting financial aid must be prepared to disclose detailed information about their financial situation, including proof of income and a household budget. Please contact the Educational Fund Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.