The Aftercare provides a safe environment for Ambleside Afternoons, when children rest, play and engage in constructive activities under caring supervision.

The facility operates between 13h00 and 17h30 daily. All children who have not been collected 15 minutes after they come out of school become the responsibility of the aftercare. The school cannot be responsible for the safety of children who stay after school if they are not part of the extra-mural or aftercare programme.

Morning care opens at 7:00. Children read or wait quietly in the school hall until 7:35, when all teaching staff come on duty and pupils may play outside.

Morningcare and Aftercare fees - 2019

Fees are invoiced quarterly basis and are payable at the beginning of each term, or in three equal instalments (by arrangement).


07h00 – 07h35: R260.00/term

Casual rate for morningcare: R10.00/morning

Aftercare - Preschool

13h00 – 13h30: R 260.00/term
13h00 – 14h00: R 710.00/term 
13h00 – 14h40: R 1 025.00/term 
13h00 – 15h15: R1 310.00/term 
13h00 – 16h15: R2 230.00/term 
13h00 – 17h15: R2 670.00/term

Aftercare - Grade 1

13h30 – 14h00: R 260.00/term
13h30 – 14h40: R 790.00/term 
13h30 – 15h15: R 1 100.00/term 
13h30 – 16h15: R1 980.00/term 
13h30 – 17h15: R2 420.00/term

Aftercare - Grades 2 – 3

14h00 – 14h40: R 550.00/term 
14h00 – 15h15: R 820.00/term
14h00 – 16h15: R1 720.00/term
14h00 – 17h15: R2 150.00/term

Aftercare - Grades 4 – 7

14h40 – 15h15: R 365.00/term 
14h40 – 16h15: R1 475.00/term
14h40 – 17h15: R1 925.00/term

Casual rate

Casual rates are charged whenever the care facilities are used incidentally or if they are collected later than the agreed time.  R20.00/hour or part thereof. There is a special casual rate of R10.00/day for children who wait for ballet classes.

Late collection fine (after 17h30)

R30.00 per quarter hour or part thereof