Ian has served in Christian education since 2004, first as a teacher, then sports administrator, deputy principal and finally principal.  Since 2012 he has been responsible for implementing the Ambleside approach at The Vine School.  Under his leadership the school has rapidly grown, both in student numbers and in faithfulness to the Ambleside philosophy and ideals. He has attended several Principals' Retreats at the ASI head office in the USA and is regarded as a master teacher, well equipped to train our staff.

Grade RR

Berni taught preschoolers for 14 years and finds the Ambleside approach fits her teaching style.  She takes care to lay a solid foundation for our students' future success.

Grade R

Jean was the Principal of a Christian preschool and has a passion for helping children understand why God created them.

Grade R

Dayle has two decades of teaching experience in preschool and grade 1. She is a natural nurturer with a heart for children and has come to really value Charlotte Mason's approach to teaching.

Grade 1

After 5 years teaching the CAPS curriculum, Kirsty knew there had to be a better way. She discovered Ambleside, considered starting a school, then came to The Vine where she simply loves her work.

Grade 1

Elouise taught at Ambleside School of Hout Bay for 5 years, before becoming a full time mom. She enjoys applying Charlotte Mason's principles to parenting as well as education.

Grade 2

Nadia loves working with younger children and establishing sound values in their lives. She is an experienced sports coach and a keen runner as well.

Grade 2

Gabi studied at a Waldorf institute where she learned a creative and inspirational approach which fits well with The Vine School's philosophy.


Grade 3

Janice is passionate about teaching - whether it's literature, poetry, drama or nature study, she expects the very best and the children respond with delight. 

Grade 3

Doniwen has a heart for young people and for making a positive difference in the lives of children he teaches. He studied theology, considered a career in children's ministry, but then chose teaching.

Grade 4 

Elvirena worked for many years in environmental education, while studying part time.  Working at The Vine School is the fulfilment of a long-held dream to teach young children.

Assistant Gr 4

Tegan has always wanted to be a teacher.  She jumped at the opportunity to work as an assistant while studying part-time. 


Grade 5

Before teaching at The Vine School, Mariske taught at Wynberg Boys High School, where she was well known for going the extra mile. She is passionate about teaching Afrikaans and Art.  

Grade 6

Tracey has been teaching at our school for 19 years! Her cheerful spirit, determination, loyalty and years of experience are a great blessing. Many students testify to the impact she made in their lives.

Grade 6

Tina has high expectations of her students, encouraging them to be well-read, curious, respectful and diligent within a framework that fosters their natural curiosity and love for life.

Grade 7

Michelle taught at Wynberg Girls Junior School before starting a school for supportive education. At The Vine School she loves encouraging students to explore subjects thoroughly and to develop their relational lives.

Mentor Teacher

Gina has thirteen years' experience as a teacher and another ten as a stay-at-home mother of three daughters, who all attended our school. She loves helping new teachers to adapt to the Ambleside approach. 


Physical Education

Allen trained at the Bible Institute before realising his calling to be a teacher. He has developed an outstanding physical education program and also teaches Afrikaans. 

Preschool Assistant

Thora is fulfilling a life-long ambition to become a preschool teacher.  She completed an internship and Certificate in Early Childhood Development and now has her heart set on a Bachelor of Education.

Inspirational Subjects

Charlene served as the school's secretary for 20 years before discovering her natural gifting as a firm, loving Ambleside teacher. 


Margaret served as a library volunteer for many years while still a parent at the school.  Her steady, careful work and kind spirit is a blessing in the library.

Aftercare Supervisor

Lauren is a past parent at the school and returned to devote her strong organisational skills and love for children to our Aftercare service.

Assistant Librarian

Daphne's considerable organisational skills together with her warm, outgoing nature make visits to the library a pleasure.

Relief Teacher

Lara taught at The Vine School before deciding to focus on being a full-time mom to her three boys. She is always willing to fill in for an absent teacher.


Joanne's kind and compassionate nature finds full expression in looking after the younger aftercare children. 


Olivia has 10 years experience in educare. She loves working with children who give her joy. She believes that working at The Vine School is a blessing from God.

Administrator & Director





Safety Officer & Maintenance Supervisor